Learn how to save money with Electricity Saving Box

People have never needed electricity more than they do now. Electricity consumption is rapidly growing every year. First of all, this is due to the increase in number of whitegoods used in our households. Such devices as computers, washing machines, slow-cookers and vacuum cleaners not only save our time but also significantly improve the quality of life allowing us to focus on what we really like doing, instead of domestic chores.

It’s well known that a person quickly gets used to something good and it’s hard to believe that somebody would voluntarily refuse the blessings of civilization. Nevertheless, it’s highly unlikely that electricity supply rates will go down any time soon. Therefore, people frequently ask themselves a question like, “How can I slash my electricity bills?”

Fortunately, there is an answer to this question and it’s quite simple. This is an energy saving device called Electricity Saving Box.

It’s a small compact device which was designed to cut down on electricity consumption. This helps to slash electricity bills legally. It means that you will not be paying any fines for unlawful electricity consumption.

Usefulness of Electricity Saving Box

Feedback left by the customers who have already used electricity saving box will help you to decide for yourself if you should buy this device.

Michael, 38

I’m a business owner who runs his own restaurant. Lease of premises and utility bills used to cost me a fortune every month. Fortunately, this remained in the past. Electricity Saving Box helped me to cut electricity spending by approximately 20%. I also installed this device at home to pay less. It’s quite amazing. Such a small device can be so useful.

Helen, 27

I’ve never been preoccupied with how much I paid for electricity until I became a mother. When one more person (although a very little one) joined our family, electricity consumption increased significantly. We started using our washing machine more frequently and heating our home more intensively. Not to mention other costs you pay when raising your child. For some reason, many people consider big utility bills as something normal which is amazing as there is Electricity Saving Box. It’s quite simple and handy. Just plug it in and that’s it. Just after a month of using it, the readings of my meter weren’t that huge! Now I can spend this money at my own discretion instead of paying enormous electricity bills!


What purposes does energy saving device Electricity Saving Box fit?

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In many countries Electricity Saving Box (or similar devices) can be found in fifty per cent of households. Besides, this light and compact device can be used not only at home but also on premises used for business. It does not require much space, does not strike the eye and perfectly matches any interior. The main requirement is to follow all safety guidelines:

  • Maximal air humidity should not exceed 85% (hence, the device can’t be used in the bathroom);
  • Maximal allowable capacity is between 5kW-19kW (it’s strongly advised not to exceed these levels);
  • Standard electric grid.

Modern energy save Electricity Saving Box is perfect for using in places where electricity surges are highly undesirable. It’s not a secret that stable Internet connection depends on stable functioning of electric grid as well.

Hence, if you are an employer, you will provide your business and employees with a secure Internet connection.

Electricity Saving Box principle of action

Portable energy saver can be bought by any person who wants to be a savvy spender. The use of the device requires no special skills or qualification.

The main concept of the device is the reduction of electricity consumption. The biggest part of reactive power is transformed into active one, thereby reducing overall consumption of electricity for home appliances.

General characteristics:

Mass150 g
Dimensions12x7x4 cm
Operational temperature rangefrom -25 С° to + 60 С°
Maximal air humidity85.00%

Electricity Saving Box works in single-phasing mode 90-220V with allowable capacity from 5kW to 19kW. The device has four modules.

  1. Programmed controller;
  2. Lightning protection;
  3. Active filtration;
  4. Adjustment of power factor.

Besides, the device can:

  • Normalises the structure of electric field;
  • Reduces losses within the electric grid;
  • Eliminates power surges;
  • Reduces overall load on the wiring.


Electricity Saving Box device has a range of positive qualities:

  • Simple to plug in and use;
  • Does not produce false readings of the meter but just transforms energy;
  • Eliminates shortfalls in the electric grid;
  • Absolutely legal;
  • Effective;
  • Payoff period is just two months;
  • Extends service life of home appliances;
  • Acceptable price;
  • Allows to save money maintaining usual levels of electricity consumption;
  • Compact and handy;
  • Does not produce any noise;
  • Effective, compact and simple in use;
  • Perfectly matches home interior;
  • Guaranteed increase of home appliances’ service life.

How soon will Electricity Saving Box pay off?

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Take your last electricity bill and deduct 30% from the amount due. The resulting figure will be the amount you will be saving monthly. Portable energy saver payoff period is between one to two months, depending on the amount you pay for electricity.

Electrical energy saver Electricity Saving Box allows to cut electricity consumption of

  • Electric kettle, bulb, toaster, coffee machine – by 30%;
  • Gas-fired boiler and fridge – by 40%;
  • TV, electric oven, heater, iron – by 45%;
  • Aircon, washing machine, computer – by 50%.

Remember that saving is possible! Learn how to consume electricity wisely using electricity saving box.



Dr Nadkarni graduated as a doctor from University Malaya in the year 2004. Since very early in his career, he found his passion in treating couples with Infertility. Upon being conferred his specialist degree from UK.

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