Goji Cream. Natural youth of your skin.

People have been fighting against age-related changes for thousands of years. Since ancient times they have been searching for various rejuvenation methods trying to turn the clock back. Currently, we have a vast range of remedies which can slow ageing process. Today we are going to talk about one of the most effective of them. A cream containing goji berries from Hendel’s Garden.

The main cause of skin ageing is the decrease in collagen production. Collagen is a protein responsible for keeping your skin and connective tissues elastic. This happens due to many reasons including:

  • Harmful UV radiation;
  • Compromised protective functions of skin;
  • Metabolic disorders;
  • Lack of nutrients and vitamins;
  • Stress.

Goji berries have been known for many years thanks to their ability of providing a powerful concentration of vitamins which can quickly restore metabolic processes in the body. Essential amino acids, iron and vitamins C and B contained in the berries are involved in the recovery of the protective functions of your epidermis.


Why Goji Cream?

Goji cream
Goji berry facial cream

Buying a good anti-ageing cream is not as simple as it might seem at first sight. A remedy which can help women with oily or combination skin cannot be used by women with dry skin. Searching for a product that will suit you might take very long and be extremely costly if you do it randomly. But is there a method which can speed your search up and help you make the right choice? Of course, there is.

In the first instance you have to carefully examine the content. You should keep in mind that the more accessible and natural the main ingredient is the higher is the chance that the content is genuine.

Goji Cream has become so widely popular due to the properties of its main component – goji berries. The properties of these small red berries are legendary and there are many recipes available online which describe how these berries can be used. Most importantly, these berries are affordable and have been used in beauty products for many years.

The second and very important factor of choosing the right product is its safety. Goji berries, the extract of which is the main component of the cream, have no contraindications for external use (except for allergy).

In order to make sure that the cream is safe for you, test yourself for allergy before using it. Put a small amount of the cream onto your elbow skin and leave it there for 15 minutes. If after this period of time you do not experience any reddening, itching and other nasty sensations you can use Goji Cream in compliance with the directions for use. Otherwise, you should immediately wash it away with warm flowing water and seek medical assistance.

The effect from Goji Cream. Customer’s feedback

Claire, 45

I got Goji cream as a gift from my sister. I can’t say that my face really needed any kind of rejuvenation, however it was written on the package that the cream could also moisturize skin. And this option is always important. After just a week I noticed that I liked what I saw in the mirror. The colour of my skin became healthier and small wrinkles around my nose vanished. Basically, I’m happy with the result and ordered one more tube.

Valery, 38

I knew about goji berries a long time ago and I even used them to make tea. Once, looking for new recipes which included goji, I came across an article about a cream for rejuvenation. Of course, you can make something like this on your own by adding berries extract to your usual day cream. However, I don’t always have time for this. Luckily, there is a pre-arranged solution. I bought it and that was it.

Irene, 52

My appearance was undoubtedly changing due to the age. Of course, I didn’t sit on my hands and tried many various remedies before buying goji cream. My daughter told me that I had to buy it. She knew that I always preferred organic cosmetics and trust products the content of which is clear to me. I liked this remedy very much. Neutral scent, absorbs easily and no need to bring it with you to your workplace as it can be used just once a day. The effect is quite tangible. After two weeks the number of wrinkles reduced and my complexion improved significantly.


How does the cream containing goji berries work?

Goji cream hendel's
Before and after

Even the best cream won’t be able to change natural course of events. It means that if your skin has not been receiving proper care over many years, one tube of cream will hardly be able to change your appearance dramatically. Nevertheless, skin care is vital at any age. It’s preferable not to put it off relying on good genetic background.

The sooner you start using Goji Cream the longer you will be able to resist time.

It’s recommended to use Goji Cream once a day, at approximately the same time.

  • Before using the cream, remove makeup and usual blemishes from your face. You can use your usual face washers;
  • Put a thin layer of Goji Cream onto your whole face avoiding areas around your eyes and lips. Use facial contours to massage your face while applying the cream;
  • Wait until the cream is absorbed completely. After that you can put your makeup on.

Usually, a significant effect can be observed after two weeks of everyday use of the cream. Balanced diet, good sleep and additional care in the event of extreme temperatures will be helpful in keeping your skin young.

Following simple rules of skin care and wisely chosen cosmetics will help you to remain in good shape longer without the need for drastic steps and plastic surgery.

You should remember that bad condition of your skin can signal about some malfunctions in your body.

By providing the effect of rejuvenation and moisturizing, this cream containing goji berries will be your best friend in fighting for beauty.

When people talk about the properties of this cream they pay particular attention to goji berries. This facial cream from Hendel’s Garden contains many other valuable components, including such active ingredient as glycerol, jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid which are often present in the best cosmetics.



Dr Nadkarni graduated as a doctor from University Malaya in the year 2004. Since very early in his career, he found his passion in treating couples with Infertility. Upon being conferred his specialist degree from UK.

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