Green coffee. A small tablet will help you to change your life

Green coffee effect

Green coffee for weight-loss has been used for a relatively short time but it has already occupied leading position as one of the most popular remedies for handling the problem of overweight.

Slim body is not only an indisputable sign of beauty and the reason for pride. It’s, first of all, respect toward yourself and a valuable contribution to your health. However, in order to get the figure of their dreams, people frequently neglect caution and sacrifice their health to have the desired shapes. Green coffee is not a silver bullet but definitely not a banned substance which can cause irreparable damage to your body.

As it may be clear from its name, the product is beans of the coffee tree which can be found at any home. The main difference is thermal treatment which is actually not used. The fact is that chlorogenic acid (a powerful natural antioxidant) contained in the coffee beans can’t tolerate high temperatures. Even the mildest roasting significantly decreases concentration of this acid, which results in the loss of many valuable properties.

Why tablets for weight-loss containing green coffee are healthful?

Customer’s feedback on this product predominantly describes weight-loss. However, green coffee has other properties healthful for a human body:

  • It works as a general tonic;
  • Tightens skin;
  • Slows ageing processes;
  • Drains fluid from the body.

Coffee is a unique natural source of healthful substances which provide your body with a multifaceted effect.

Contraindications associated with the use of green coffee


Unfortunately, there is no medication for weight-loss which would fit anyone. Even the most organic and highly effective remedy has restrictions. Despite all its usefulness, green coffee can’t be used by everyone. You have to read the list of contraindications before starting taking this remedy.

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Heart disorders;
  • Diabetes;
  • Migraine and frequent headaches of various genesis;
  • Individual intolerance to the components contained in the product.

You should remember that your passion for perfection should not affect your health.

Why coffee capsules for weight-loss are important?

Green coffee does not have a rich flavour and scent which everyone expects from a cup of classic espresso. Moreover, the flavour of the beverage made from unroasted beans often becomes an unsurmountable obstacle for even the most goal-oriented people. Sugar or milk can’t be added to this beverage for weight-loss as they make it more calorific bringing therapeutic effect to naught. When ordinary coffee is made, many healthful properties are sacrificed for enjoying a pleasant flavour which is not an option for the beverage which is supposed to burn fat. So, no additives are allowed.

Another inconvenient feature of raw coffee beans is their high level of hardness. Roasted coffee can be grounded even by an ordinary hand grain mill. But a powerful electric coffee-mill should be used to grind green coffee beans. It means that taking green coffee outside living quarters can be challenging. It’s highly unlikely that many people have the opportunity to grind coffee several times a day at work or on a trip.

Green coffee in tablets (or capsules) is created with the idea of maximal comfort which overweight people should be provided with. There is no need to spend your time preparing a specific beverage and getting used to a new flavour. Its administration is similar to the administration of any other medication manufactured in tablets. You just have to take one tablet of green coffee twice a day washing it down with sufficient volume of pure water.

100% natural Green coffee


Green coffee for weight-loss in capsules. Customer’s feedback

Mary, 31

Over the course of my pregnancy I gained 44 extra pounds. After childbirth I managed to lose just 22 pounds. The rest remained on my sides and abdomen, permanently making me feel desperate. I firmly believed that everything would change after I stop breastfeeding as I would be able to be on a diet. But the miracle didn’t come. I had no time or desire to cook meals just for myself as I dedicated all my time to my family. At last, when the time came to go back to work I found out that no good clothes fit me anymore. I felt terrible about the need to renew my wardrobe but I thought that I was left with no choice. While I was looking through online clothing catalogues, I saw green coffee in tablets being advertised. To be honest I bought it with the idea that “it won’t make things worse than they are anyway”. How wrong was I! The most important thing is that when you see at least some small result you immediately want to do something else. I didn’t use just green coffee and also started going to the gym. As a result, I lost not 22 lbs but whole 33 lbs within three months.

Ann, 40

I was always scared of taking some shady tablets. Green coffee for weight-loss (which is priced quite affordably) has become sort of an experiment for me. Actually I decided to start taking it after the recommendation from my workmate. We both were in the same shape for quite a while and I wasn’t particularly worried about my shapes. But one day I began noticing that the gap between us started to widen. First I panicked. I thought I was growing even bigger. Luckily she quickly confessed that she’d been taking green coffee in capsules for already a month and recommended me to try it too. I can say that the capsules are definitely not harmful. It’s like a usual coffee but just unroasted. I just started taking green coffee but my friend’s experience is quite inspirational.

Green coffee will not help you to get rid of hated extra pounds in a blink of an eye. Even contemporary remedies can’t change your habits drastically. Nevertheless, regular intake of green coffee can become a powerful stimulus to get your act together and improve your life.



Dr Nadkarni graduated as a doctor from University Malaya in the year 2004. Since very early in his career, he found his passion in treating couples with Infertility. Upon being conferred his specialist degree from UK.

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