Hammer of Thor. Iron man’s strength

The problems with sex drastically affect the quality of life of both men and his partner. Reduced potency, shortening duration of sexual intercourse and decreased number of sex often cause the deterioration of relationships. Partners move away from each other, which often leads to the end of a relationship. There is no doubt that this issue must be addressed! If you need a reliable and proven product, use Hammer of Thor drops for erectile potency.

Hammer of Thor is a new virility enhancer.  The development of this product was inspired by the recipe of Scandinavian seafarers of the early Middle Ages – the mighty Viking. Since ancient times, they knew about the powerful effect of seafood on virility. Of course, back then they did not know, that the key element is testosterone – the main male sex hormone responsible for spermatogenesis and significantly affecting the man’s mood.

Hammer of Thor has been developed to address the following problems:

  •         poor or absent erection
  •         premature ejaculation
  •         decreased libido, inability of frequently have sex
  •         high physical exertion
  •         high level of stress, physical or mental fatigue
  •         low sperm count and its poor quality
  •         weak sensations during orgasm

As a result of careful selection of components the desired effect were achieved without the use of synthetic substances. The drops Hammer of Thor are made from natural and high-quality ingredients.

The powerful effect of Hammer of Thor is available to everyone.

The powerful effect of the product is due to the unique composition of the drops Hammer of Thor. This product is sold at a price affordable to any average customer.

Happy life with Hammer of thor


  •         Coastal snail extract. These gastropods from Littorinidae family secrete a special substance, which helps stimulate the natural production of testosterone.
  •         Extract of the lichen Cladonia rangiferina . The extract of northern lichen Cladonia rangiferina restores full blood flow to the genitals.
  •         The liver of European angler. The extract from the liver of the precious fish Lophius piscatorius makes up for the lack of zinc in the body. Zinc is essential for normal testosterone production.
  •         Extract of the Antarctic krill. The extraction of carotenoid-lipid complexes from the shells of Antarctic krill includes fatty acid omega-3, which regulate the production of male hormones and improves the conductivity of nerve impulses.

If, due to a poor potency, you experience problems in sex, the purchase of Hammer of Thor will be the right solution. Where to order the genuine product and not to pay money to scammers – this issue is of concern to most customers. This is not surprising. At best, you will spend money for nothing, at worst,  you will undermine your health.

Buying Hammer of Thor on the official website, you will get:

  •         guaranteed quality of the product;
  •         discounted price;
  •         fast delivery
  •         customer’s support

Choosing the drops Hammer of Thor to improve your sex drive, you take care of your own pleasure and the pleasure of your partner!

Hammer of Thor. Reviews of the potency enhancer.

Form: drops

Color: colorless

Dosage: sprinkle 3-5 drops on the tongue 30 min before meals

Duration of treatment: 1-2 weeks

Duration of the effect: 3 – 6 months

As a rule, the result is already visible on the fifth day, and the effect lasts for up to six months. While taking the preparation, have breaks equal to the duration of administration If necessary, the treatment can be repeated.

Keep in mind that at a young age, erectile dysfunction is often caused by physiological rather than psychological factors. Most young people have sexual problems that are not related to the amount of hormones or blood circulation in the body. In this case, the male power enhancer Hammer of Thor can serve as an additional means in removing the psychological barrier caused by the adverse circumstances arising during sexual intercourse.

The main thing is not to despair. Remember that a good mood significantly accelerates the healing process.

Effect of Hammer of Thor

Where to buy Hammer of Thor?

Unfortunately, no one but you can protect yourself against internet frauds. Often you can read the negative reviews of those people who somehow ran into a fake. In order to avoid trouble, buy only Hammer of Thor on the official website. Fill out the online order form and wait to be contacted by an official representative and discuss all the details of the order.

Despite the fact that Hammer of Thor affects the production of testosterone in the body, it does not contain synthetic hormones. Therefore, its administration does not require medical tests or consultations. Nevertheless, before using the drops read carefully its ingredients list to avoid allergic reactions. Fish and crustaceans, extracts, which are part of Hammer of Thor have a rather high degree of potential allergens. Food allergies are very common things. No doubt, you are unlikely to come across the ingredients of Hammer of Thor in your daily diet. However, it may mean that you should avoid the following foods:

  •         sea fish
  •         marine arthropods (prawns and crabs)
  •         shellfish (mussels, oysters etc.)

Hammer of Thor is a dietary supplement that can be used as a standalone product or in combination with other drugs.

Do not procrastinate with such a critical issue. Order now and remain a man!


Dr Nadkarni graduated as a doctor from University Malaya in the year 2004. Since very early in his career, he found his passion in treating couples with Infertility. Upon being conferred his specialist degree from UK.

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