Keep Your Hunger Pangs At Bay with These Sahur Ideas

3 ideas to make meal-prepping for sahur a breeze

1. Eggs + Toast + Dates

Be it scrambled, half-boiled or just plain boiled, eggs provide a hefty source of protein and will give you lasting energy throughout the day. Have your eggs with slices of whole wheat bread (avoid white bread as it contains a surplus of sugar which will spike your insulin level, leaving you feeling hungry fast) with a sprinkle of salt and pepper, or do it the Asian way by adding some chilli or soy sauce.

2. Overnight Oats

The easiest meal for the busiest people. Fill your jam jar with rolled oats, milk (Anlene is great for added calcium), yoghurt (optional), 2 tbsps of chia seed, peanut butter (for protein), and your choice of jam (with no added sugar). You could also add a drizzle of honey to sweeten it and add cocoa powder for chocolate-flavoured oats. Right before eating, pile on fruits like berries and bananas. Click here on how to make one using Anlene.

3. Smoothies 

If the thought of eating before dawn disinterest you, make your breakfast a nutritious drink instead. Blend yoghurt, milk, bananas, quick oats, chia seeds, dates and cocoa powder for a protein-packed smoothie. Click here for some yummy Mango Tango goodness!


Dr Nadkarni graduated as a doctor from University Malaya in the year 2004. Since very early in his career, he found his passion in treating couples with Infertility. Upon being conferred his specialist degree from UK.

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