Varikosette — protect your legs from varicose veins

Magical means for getting rid of varicose veins, like the magic wand does, do not exist yet. However, there are some medications that significantly slow down the progression of the disease and prevent the emergence of more serious symptoms. The Varikosette cream stands out among all of them, you can buy it only on the official website.

The problem of varicose veins appeared a long time ago. In ancient times, people had suffered from varicose veins of the lower extremities. But now, a modern man gets faced with this disease more and more often. Earlier, the main named causes were a genetic predisposition, a stand up work and pregnancy, now this list was supplemented with:

  1. Sedentary lifestyle;
  2. Fascination with junk food;
  3. Uncomfortable shoewear;
  4. And it is not even a complete list of the factors causing the progression of the disease!

It is believed that this disease affects women more often. Ladies’ legs suffer from large loads during pregnancy. Women are the ones the fashion requires to wear shoes with high heels. However, the sterner sex suffers from this disease no less. Standing up at work the whole and lifting weights  – it all affects the health status of men in the same exact way, causing the varicose veins.

Among the first apparent symptoms, the heaviness in the legs, aching pain and appearance of spider veins are the things worth noting. The result of the disease could be the formation of thrombophlebitis. Blood clots hinder the normal blood circulation and cause the blockage of blood vessels or thromboembolism.

The principle of action of the Varikosette cream

Healthy feet

Varikosette — is the cream that helps to cope with early stages of varicose veins of the lower extremities. It eliminates existing unpleasant symptoms not allowing the new ones to appear. It’s impossible to cure the severe form of varicose veins without the help of experts. Fortunately, preventing the disease is easier than curing it.

Varikosette can be used in a complex therapy, combining with other means and methods of treatment.

Removing the main (in your case) cause of the disease will accelerate the healing process. Get active, start controlling your diet and stop torturing your legs with uncomfortable shoewear. Remember that for getting the best result, you need to approach the from several angles.

But even if radically changing the lifestyle is not in your power, the Varikosette can greatly facilitate the course of the disease.

The effect of the cream is aimed at strengthening of vascular walls, keeping the tone of the tissues and normalizing the blood circulation in the extremities. Through series of tests, it was confirmed that the regular use of Varikosette helps to solve the problem of high blood pressure.


The composition of the Varikosette cream

Ingredient list  — is the first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing the cream from treating varicose veins. Varikosette consists of extracts of medicinal herbs in combination with anti-inflammatory agents and moisturizers.

Main components:

  • Troxerutin. It’s a well-known medication used in the treatment of the vein diseases. It has anti-inflammatory, decongestant and angioprotective effects. Tones the blood vessels and skin tissues, strengthens their walls;
  • Extract of horse chestnut seeds. This substance is rich in escin. Used as a venotonic agent. Relieves swelling, eliminates tension and pain. Helps with bruising, complements the other components of the medication;
  • Ginkgo tree leaf extract. It has a regenerating, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effect on blood vessels due to the content of alkaloids and flavonoids;
  • Hamamelis virginiana leaf extract. Tannins and flavonoids contained in the leaves have a vasoconstrictor properties and effectively fight inflammation. Capillary permeability gets reduced to a minimum while the resistance of the veins increases;
  • Sunflower and corn oils. Provide additional emollient action;
  • Urea. Moisturizes the skin and improves the uptake of useful components;
  • Menthol: perfumes, tones, and refreshes the skin, has a relaxing effect;

Where to buy the varikosette cream

Varikosette – super effect

At a low price, the Varikosette cream can be ordered only on the official website. It is unlikely that you would find this product at conventional pharmacies. If there are any, they are being sold only with a large margin. Buying the varikosette on the official website, you get a proven remedy at the most attractive price that has successfully passed series of tests.

If you compare Varikosette to other external funds, the cost of it can be contrasted with the price of the most expensive medications commonly used to treat varicose veins. Venotonics with proven efficacy that are sold in pharmacies will cost you far more than the Varikosette.

In order to understand the feasibility of the purchase, you need to compare not the absolute value but the ratio of its price and efficiency.

A balanced composition of the Varikosette cream and a high percentage of natural components allows us to relate this remedy to the category of highly effective natural medicines.

How to use the varikosette cream. Usage instructions

Before using it, you must carefully read the ingredient list in order to avoid any possible allergic reactions. Be sure to perform an allergy test before you start the treatment course.

Apply a small amount of the cream on the skin in the bend of the elbow and wait 10-15 minutes. If after this time you notice no redness, burning or itching sensation, you can use this cream without fear.

  1. Apply with light massage movements on a clean skin;
  2. Spread over the entire surface of the extremity, moving from the bottom up (from feet to thighs);
  3. Leave the treated body part uncovered for one minute;
  4. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times a day;

The Varikosette cream is easy to use. It gets absorbed quickly without leaving a sticky feeling and no residue on clothes.

Right after the application, you will feel decreased pain and see the reduced swelling. But the spider veins won’t disappear immediately. This trouble needs to be treated for several weeks.

Let your legs be healthy by ordering the varikosette!



Dr Nadkarni graduated as a doctor from University Malaya in the year 2004. Since very early in his career, he found his passion in treating couples with Infertility. Upon being conferred his specialist degree from UK.

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